Old Line Environmental is a biosolids and wastewater solutions provider serving the mid-Atlantic region. Our services include biosolids management, industrial non-hazardous residuals management, food and yard waste composting, and wet waste separation.

Old Line Environmental, Inc. was formed by highly experienced industry professionals to provide innovation in the biosolids and wastewater sector. We are a privately owned entity capable of streamlined decision making and a focus directed on quality versus quantity in the number of customers we serve. Although we build on time-honored experience in our industry, we devote the capital and expertise in development of new and as yet untried approaches which are more in harmony with increased environmental regulations and public perception. To that end, we are specifically focusing on problems faced by the biosolids and wastewater industry, as well as environmental and agricultural concerns. Our efforts to date have yielded two patented technologies which are included in our service offerings in addition to time-honored technologies which are used when economic and regulatory conditions allow.